“The Crimean bridge will be destroyed when the Armed Forces of Ukraine reach the coast of Azov”, a military expert

The Crimean bridge will be destroyed when the Ukrainian defenders will be able to take positions on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

This was stated by Military expert Serhii Grabsky on the air of the “FreeDom” TV channel.

According to him, it is still impossible to do this, since all settlements near the Sea of ​​Azov are temporarily occupied.

At the same time, in his opinion, the liquidation of the Crimean bridge is more of a political decision than a military one. For this, the Ukrainian defenders will have to carry out a special operation.

“An operation that involves not only missile strikes on the object itself, the blocking of the bridge, but also the task of striking the pre-bridge fortifications. This requires aviation, possibly the actions of sabotage groups and the use of, including, naval assets. This is a large operation, it is necessary to understand the scope of the very structure of this bridge”, says Serhii Grabsky.

That is why now the talk about strikes on the Crimean bridge is more entertaining, to annoy the Russians, and it works. The Russians have installed more security there, and in the future, this territory may become the same “green corridor” through which Russians flee from Ukraine.

“The time will come and we will also strike the Crimean Bridge”, the military expert summed up positively.



  1. “That is why now the talk about strikes on the Crimean bridge is more entertaining, to annoy the Russians, and it works.”

    Indeed, the destruction of this bridge would be a colossal catastrophe for mafia land. That’s why it’s nice to see them scurrying around in panic, trying to protect it.
    For now, its destruction is just a dream. But, it’s a dream that will come true, if not today then on another time, for its destruction is essential. We’ll see in the near future how this craving will be fulfilled.

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      • Harpoons do not have a warhead that is large enough for the job. The NIMARS missiles are a bit too small as well, but it can disable the bridge. The only reason to keep the bridge in a restorable condition is if Ukraine takes the Kuban from Russia. Having a land bridge to Georgia would be a good thing.

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      • I guess, the least the Ukrainians could try is to stitch across the surfaces of both spans, making a passing for heavy vehicles at least impossible or life-threatening. The same thing they did with the Antonivsky Bridge. We see on the Antonivsky that the accuracy of the HIMARS is incredibly high enough to do this.
        Anyhow, I think there are a fair number of ruskies who are sweating bullets right now.

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  2. I think if Biden sends the 280 km long range missiles is could be done.
    Or MQ9 reaper.

    Maybe they cannot destroy the entire bridge, but as you said, disabling it to bring tanks and trucks would be enough to help liberate Kherson and even Crimea itself.

    I just wished Biden wasn’t such a pussy.

    I do however think there is some reason to be afraid that a tactical nuclear weapon will be used in retaillation and I think this is why they were not sent. I think this is Biden’s fear.

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    • Fear is what that rat is counting on. I doubt that China or India – mafia land’s biggest buddies – would be happy if the runt starts throwing nukes around. I very seriously doubt it. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s to make pussies like Biden and Macron and Scholz piss their panties.

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