From the FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Juan Habanero Fernandez. July 26

Ukraine 10.

Russia – Brazilian government 0.

President Bolsonaro of Brazil reaffirmed that his government’s relationship with Russia and its cruel dictator Putin “is 10”; reiterated that “we are not going to adhere to economic sanctions”; criticized President Zelensky of Ukraine for speaking in a “very emotional” tone; and concluded by saying that his government “remains in balance”. Those words of President Bolsonaro caused pain in the Ukrainian people, in many Brazilians who view the Ukrainian drama with compassion, and in Ukrainian communities abroad. It is enough to consider note 10 received by Putin to make evident the absence of the alleged “balance”. Ukraine 10. Russia – Brazilian government 0.

Comment from Silke Kastner:

“Juan Habanero Fernandez I think I kind of know what how you feel regarding your goverment + your presidents statements. As a German I feel great embarrassment for my goverments slow response or lack of response and support for Ukraine. I assume for you too it is a feeling of embarrassement about your president’s statements + behaviours. Lets unite in prayer for our country leaders, that their spiritual eyes will be opened so they can recognise the spiritual dynamic behind this war. Don’t know anymore where in Scripture it is, only that Paul said it in one letter that first the spiritual eyes of a person need to be opened so they can change and understand the truth. Lord we ask you to speak to the consciences of President Bolsonaro, Chancelor O. Scholz, President E Maccron and other world leaders. Speak to them in dreams and in other ways so that their inner eyes are cleaned of the fog and everything that blinds + hinders them to see truth, or recognise the evil. Please LORD send your light and your truth to them so their eyes are opened and so their attitude towards Ukraine turns / swifts for the better, for support. And to regocnise the evil that comes from Russia and so their support of Russia changes into a clear boundary. Lord please intervene and speak to their hearts + minds in various ways. Yours is the power, yours is the might, please Lord intervene. Make Ukrainians aware that its not the people of Brasil and Germany, but only their leaders that lack in support. Let no root of bitterness come up in Ukrainians against our countries and help us Brasilians and Germans to do what is in our power to support Ukraine + challenge our countries leaders for godly actions towards Ukraine. Amen.”

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  1. Bolsonaro consolidates his position as a filthy degenerate nazi dictator in love with fellow BRICS nazi scum putler, Modi, Ramaposa and Jinping.

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