Zelensky called on Ukrainians to convey to the Russians information about the losses of the Russian army

The authorities of the Russian Federation have not reported anything for 4 months about the losses of its occupying contingent in the war against Ukraine.

Zelensky urged Ukrainians to convey to the Russians information about the losses of the Russian army / president.gov.ua
Zelensky urged Ukrainians to convey to the Russians information about the losses of the Russian army / president.gov.ua

President Volodymyr Zelensky is asking Ukrainians who still have contacts in the Russian Federation to inform the Russians about the losses of their occupying forces in Ukraine.

This was discussed in the evening address of the head of state to the Ukrainians.

“For four months now, the Russian state has not provided its citizens with any information – even censored – about the losses of the occupying contingent. Complete silence. Nothing was published or said in numerous interviews and speeches at the political and military levels. However, this number is already almost 40 thousand – so many people the Russian army lost killed during the period of February 24. And tens of thousands of wounded, crippled,” Zelensky stressed.

According to him, this means that the Ukrainians should inform the Russians about the losses. 

“And if the Russian state does not speak officially, and even in general terms, then this means that each and every one who still has any contacts in Russia or informational influence on their society must convey this simple fact to those to whom maybe 40,000 occupiers killed alone,” the president said.

As UNIAN wrote, in early March, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that only professional military men, and not conscripts, were sent to war. Soon the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation admitted that it had revealed the facts of the presence of conscripts.

Russia hides information about its losses in the war against Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported losses only twice: on March 2 and 25, and gave figures of 498 and 1,351 people. On June 1, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense stated that Russia had allegedly practically ceased to suffer losses, having changed military tactics.

As evidenced by the interception of the SBU, if the invaders take out “cargo 200”, then they do it at night and in small batches. While the bodies are waiting for their turn, they begin to decompose. 

From the conversations of the occupiers intercepted by the SBU, it also follows that the dead are stacked in the open air, and then sent home in closed coffins due to  decomposition

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the losses of the enemy in personnel this morning totaled about 39,870 people.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Many things are kept secret and lied about, regarding the cockroach army and this war. Not only the total troop losses, but the downright alarming rate of losses among the officer corps. Not to mention the need to use old, obsolete weapons and using convicts, old men, mercenaries, Chechens, Syrians and other pathetic measures to help keep the killing going. Let’s not forget the soldiers getting cremated or just left on the battlefield just to cheat the families of their Lada money. This big fat lie is then called “MIA”. Not even the name of this killing is the truth, for calling it a war gets you a 15-year sentence.
    The foundation upon which Vlad’s power rests is fear and lies.

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