The Armed Forces will be the first to test NASAMS against Russian missiles

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told why more Russian missiles began to be shot down and what the military expects from NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems.

Colonel Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told about this at a briefing in the “Ukraine – Ukrinform” media center.

According to the officer, the rate of shooting down missiles has improved, but not thanks to new systems, because Ukraine has not yet received them, but thanks to the “human factor”.

“The effectiveness of our air defense forces is increasing because the training of personnel is increasing. We get experiences that we never had before. We have better interaction between different units — it’s about the alert system, the target detection system, and the decision-making system. It works better and better in a single system… Unfortunately, we have not yet received the weapons we would like — long- and medium-range air defense systems. Currently, we only have supplies from our partners of portable anti-aircraft missile systems of foreign production, which also work quite effectively. Especially when shooting down planes and helicopters of the occupiers,” the colonel emphasized.

The military expects that anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense will be significantly strengthened by batteries of medium-range anti-aircraft missiles NASAMS (National/Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System).

— Regarding NASAMS. The manufacturer says that these complexes are capable of shooting down all types of missiles, even “Iskanders”, their tactical and technical characteristics, their missile, which is one of the most common and best missiles in the world, allow it to be done. However, this complex has not yet worked against Russian missiles. So you need to try. Of course, we will be happy to see him here and destroy these missiles, – said the spokesman.

The colonel added that there had never been such a massive missile attack in the world as on the territory of Ukraine. He also noted that it is very difficult to shoot down the Kh-22, Kh-31, Iskander, Onyx and other missiles with the available air defense equipment, due to their extremely high speeds.


  1. “The effectiveness of our air defense forces is increasing because the training of personnel is increasing. We get experiences that we never had before.”

    The level of training of Ukrainian troops is reaching higher levels than available in the biggest majority of other militaries of the world. Add to this the massive experience they are gathering and UA forces will be in the top three, at least! And, this is all across the military board, like artillery, MLRS, air combat, helicopter attack and support, special ops, anti-tank systems, logistics, planning, and so much more.

    In the meantime, the orc army is scraping barrel bottoms for simple meat puppets…

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    • The worst part for Russia is the brain drain. Anyone with any sense, and the ability, is leaving, and they will never be back.

      The future of Russia is utterly grim. Frankly, I doubt Russia as we know it now, actually the Russian Empire, will not last much longer.

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