South: Ukraine’s Armed Forces attack five Russian strongholds in Kherson region

Ukrainian aviation struck five targets of the Russian army. The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked three enemy strongholds in Beryslav district and two more in Kherson district.

This is stated in the report of the Operational Command “South”, Ukrinform reports.

The enemy tried to launch counteroffensives in two directions in Beryslav district of Kherson region to restore the lost position. However, the invaders did not succeed and retreated suffering losses.

“Our aviation launched five strikes on the enemy. A pair of attack aircraft and front-line bombers attacked three enemy strongholds in Beryslav district, and a pair of Mi-8 and Mi-24 targeted two enemy strongholds in Kherson district,” the report says.Read also: Ukrainian forces to liberate Kherson region from Russian invaders by September – deputy

Over the past day, Ukrainian missile and artillery units carried out about 190 fire missions and eliminated 66 Russians, five tanks, two Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers, Fagot anti-tank missile system, three armored personnel vehicles, nine vehicles.

A command and observation post of the 785th special unit of the Russian National Guard, two ammunition depots, and Merlin-VR drone were also destroyed in the area of Ivanivka.

As reported, on May 30, the invaders disconnected the Internet and mobile communications from Ukrainian operators in Kherson region; they block “green corridors”, evacuation, kidnap residents of the region.


  1. It’s good to see UA aircraft still inflicting death and damage to the cockroaches. But, it’s despicable how the fucking cockroaches are kidnapping people wherever they come crawling.

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