Following the “Alligator”: Sicheslav paratroopers shot down an enemy Su-25 “Rook”

This is the second Russian Su-25 shot down by paratroopers in the last two days.

Sicheslav paratroopers shot down another Russian Su-25 / photo DShV APU
Sicheslav paratroopers shot down another Russian Su-25 / photo DShV APU

Ukrainian paratroopers from the 25th Sicheslav brigade  have “grounded” another Su-25 “Grach” aircraft of the Russian invaders forever.

The command of the DShV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine  reported on this  in social networks.

We end the day with good news! Another enemy Su-25 (Rook) went to hell thanks to the filigree work of the air defense unit of the Sicheslav brigade! – the message says.

Note that this is the second Russian Su-25 shot down by the Sicheslav paratroopers over the past two days. The day before, July 24, an enemy attack aircraft was permanently grounded by the crew of the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system.

In addition, on July 25, the Sicheslavsky paratroopers forever “landed” another “Alligator” . We are talking about the Russian combat helicopter Ka-52. 

According to the General Staff of Ukraine,  as of July 25, 188 enemy helicopters have already been destroyed in our country .

Speaking of personnel, since February 24, the Russian army has lost about 39,700 of its warriors. In particular, over the past day, 180 occupiers have been “utilized”. Most of them die in the Kramatorsk direction.

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  1. Great!
    On the flip side, I just read today that those MiG 29’s from Slovakia did not in fact arrive, despite the news stories that they were already in action. This means that Ukraine is still relying on its limited number of MiG 29’s and SU 25 air to ground attack planes.
    Allies : this is NOT good enough. Get Ukraine some warplanes now; whether old Soviet stock or modern jets.

    Telegraph today :

    “Slovakia may consider donating its fleet of Soviet-era MiG warplanes to Ukraine, the Slovak defense minister said.

    Standing alongside his British counterpart Ben Wallace, Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad said “we can discuss the future” of his country’s 11 MiG-29 fighter jets after they’re grounded “most probably” by the end of August.

    Slovakia has already negotiated with NATO allies the Czech Republic and Poland to monitor Slovak air space from the beginning of September.

    “No decision has been made yet, no discussions are taking place as of now and we’re ready to discuss that later on,” said Nad.”

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