Poroshenko on the shelling of Odesa port: don’t trust Putin, don’t be afraid of Putin, fight Putin

At the head of Russia are creatures who are not worthy of any trust.

Petro Poroshenko writes about this  on Facebook .

“Bismarck is turning over in his grave because he said that agreements with Russia are not worth the paper they are written on. Do not trust Putin, do not fear Putin, fight Putin. That’s all that can be said about the shelling of the port in Odesa the day after the Kremlin guaranteed to the whole world the unhindered export of Ukrainian grain,” said the fifth President.

“And for some third world countries, which are threatened with artificial famine by the actions of the Russian Federation, it is time to think and get out of the spiral of shameful silence regarding the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. “Russia is a threat to the whole world,” states Poroshenko.



  1. “At the head of Russia are creatures who are not worthy of any trust.”

    There are STILL too many fucking morons in Western capitols who are too stupid to see this truth.

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  2. Bismarck said you can’t trust Russians and they don’t trust themselves. During Soviet times, they didn’t keep any agreement they signed. Since Putin, they have not kept any agreement, outside of commercial contracts that bring in money.

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