Lavrov plans to “save” Ukrainians from the “Zelenskyy regime”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the occupying country will help the people of Ukraine to get rid of an “anti-people and anti-historical regime”.

Source: Lavrov said this at a meeting with the ambassadors of the member countries of the League of Arab States in Cairo, quoted by Meduza

Quote from Lavrov: “We feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, who deserve far better. We feel sorry for Ukrainian history, which is collapsing before our eyes, and we feel sorry for those who have succumbed to the state propaganda of the Kyiv regime which aims to make Ukraine an eternal enemy of Russia.

The Russian and Ukrainian people will continue to live together. We will definitely help the Ukrainian people to get rid of a regime that is completely anti-people and anti-historical.”

Why it matters: Since its invasion in 2014, Russia has considered every government in Ukraine to be “anti-people”, whether Poroshenko’s presidency or Zelenskyy’s.

The Kremlin tells its own people that it was not that the Ukrainians elected both presidents, but that the people are supposedly suffering under the “Kyiv regimes”.

Opinion polls indicated that as of early March, 93% of Ukrainians supported Zelenskyy’s actions.

Reminder: Lavrov said in Cairo that Moscow was prepared to negotiate with Kyiv on “a wider range of issues”, but complained that the resumption of the negotiation process does not depend on the Russian side.


  1. There will be negotiations once the nazi filth has been exterminated in Ukraine, and the dwarf crawls on his hands and knees begging forgiveness.

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  2. Lavrov is staggeringly chilling and sinister creature. He thrives on a diet of hate, lies and death. He is the perfect representative of the essence of Russia: pure, concentrated, metastasised evil.

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    • And nazi Lavrov is nothing if not cynical. Ukrainians know well what “Russian help” is. We saw Russian “help” during the winter of 1931 and the “help” after the nazis were defeated in 1945. Then again in 2014 when Vladolf “helped” Russian speakers in the Donbas after Yanukobytch ran home to Russia. Every time ruSSia “helps” thousands of Ukrainians die. Strange way of helping….

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  3. Negotiations depend entirely on the Russians. First, Russian forces must completely leave the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine. Without such an evacuation, there is nothing to base negotiations on.

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  4. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the occupying country will help the people of Ukraine to get rid of an “anti-people and anti-historical regime”.

    I’m convinced that you must either be pretty darned drunk, or be on some serious drugs, or have a lobotomized brain to come up with such a statement. Nothing new from the horse, actually, or any other Kremlin mouthpiece.

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    • The latest poll in Ukraine shows Ukrainians don’t want or need saving from the government. They need saving from the real nazis.

      The results of the representative survey were released today by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.

      Other key findings include:

      · 73 percent of Ukrainians would like to see Ukraine a member of NATO before 2030, with 65 percent expecting that this will happen.

      · 90 percent would like to see Ukraine a member of the European Union before 2030 and 87 percent expect that to occur. Those figures, like the ones about NATO membership are up sharply since last December.

      · 97 percent of Ukrainians trust their country’s Armed Forces, and 85 percent trust President Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

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