From the LinkedIn page of Maryna Chekh

Made in Ukraine – until the end of RuSSian aggression I support my nation to the full victory.

July 24

‼️ Ukrainian soldiers probably launched a counteroffensive in the Kherson region – ISW

The analysis regarding the likely start of a counter-offensive in the Kherson region may be somewhat inaccurate due to the limited amount of open data.

According to ISW, the area between the front line and Kherson is rural and mostly made up of smaller communities that are less likely to report troop movements and battles. This allows terrain control to be changed in the area without the evidence that appears in open source reports. The occupiers also have no incentive to report the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

My opinion: counteroffensive has started and is beyond the tipping point.

Soon we will see a lot of roasted/surrending/escaping orcs

We believe in AFU

We believe in our leadership

Slava Ukraïni


  1. I also think that the counteroffensive has started. It’s been a slow and careful one, which this sort of terrain demands when you’re outgunned. The destruction of ammo dumps and difficulties in navigating damaged bridges to bring fresh supplies, however, have hindered orc forces enough to bring power into UA forces’ effort. The very near future will be decisive.

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  2. AFU wisely tailoring the battlefield. Although some of their actions and progress has been made public, a lot is being concealed in the southwest as it should be. Only later will we find out the magnitude of all the partisans and the AFU have done. Victory to Ukraine!!! Death to the ruZZian occupiers!!!

    Side note.. “the Enforcer” on youtube brought up a site that you can have the AFU write something on a shell for a donation for supplies.

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