“Destroyed his life’s work”: it became known how Gorbachev reacted to the war in Ukraine

The Soviet leader is disappointed with Putin and is fully aware of what is happening in Ukraine now.

It became known how Gorbachev reacted to the Russian war against Ukraine / REUTERS
It became known how Gorbachev reacted to the Russian war against Ukraine / REUTERS

The last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, believes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin destroyed his entire legacy by unleashing a war against Ukraine. He is disappointed and fully aware of what is happening.

His close friend, Russian journalist Alexei Venediktov, spoke about Gorbachev’s reaction to the war in Ukraine in  an interview with Forbes Russia.

“I can tell you that he is disappointed, of course, he understands (what is happening – UNIAN). It was his life’s work. Freedom is Gorbachev’s business,” the journalist said.

Putin’s aggressive and dictatorial policies have completely destroyed “Gorbachev’s legacy.” Venediktov noted that the reaction of the Soviet leader was quite predictable.

As the journalist noted, when Gorbachev headed the USSR in 1985-1991, there were 4,000 troops in Europe from units of the NATO Rapid Reaction Force. 

“Now NATO has announced that there will be 300,000 people here by the end of next year,” he said.  

Venediktov added that the level of threat between East and West is growing.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. The evil sewer rat has destroyed a lot more than only Gorby’s legacy. Besides human lives and property, he has destroyed the friendship that existed between the two countries, at least for a large part of their populations. And, so much more! There will be nothing positive that putler will leave behind when he finally croaks or gets killed. Absolutely nothing.

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  2. Gorby was a statesman. By Russian standards (below rock bottom) he was almost trustworthy. As a character, he was a sneering socialist; rather like the type of Marxist-Leninists that the British Labour Party churns out regularly. But he gave Russia a chance of freedom. Unfortunately putler has rolled them right back to Lenin, who was an intensely evil thug; a psychopathic sadist who loved to laugh when hearing about the good people he called “Kulaks” being hung from their own trees.
    Lenin invaded lots of countries, murdered lots of people, tortured even more, thieved lots of land and used lies and propaganda to control a serf state.
    Just like fucking putler. Except putler is even more evil.
    Gorby ruined his own legacy when he praised the theft of Crimea. In fact he became a putler shill.
    If he’s having regrets now, it’s too late. He might have just about had the energy to join the democratic movement in 2014, but chose not to.

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  3. Gorby lost a lot of trust when he denied the Chornobyl disaster had occured. He lied saying nothing had happened, but to make it worse, the evacuation of Prypiat only happened 36 hours after the event. Gorby like all Soviet and Russian leaders didn’t give a shit about Ukrainians.

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