Brit SAS fighters ‘helped free Ukraine’s Snake Island in Bond-style submarines’

British Navy’s Special Boat Service trained up Ukrainian soldiers to use the Bond-esque sea scooters which played a key role in Ukraine reclaiming Snake Island from Russia in June

British Navy special forces showed Ukrainian troops how to use Bond-like submarines in order to help Ukraine take back Snake Island from the Russians.

The Dorset-based Special Boat Service unit took personnel from the Ukrainian 73rd Naval Special Purpose Centre through their paces, showing them the ins and outs of the underwater vehicles known as Diver Propulsion Devices.

The so-called ‘sea scooters’ are designed to transport frogmen – soldiers who are sent out to undertake underwater military reconnaissance – over long distances.

They were key in Ukraine’s daring liberation of Snake Island from Russia invaders.

A military source told Sunday Mirror: “The 73rd became the tip of the sword and provided the fighting force that landed on the island.

Ukraine liberated Snake Island on June 30, with help from Bond-like subs (Image: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)


  1. Great. Ukraine uses modern sophisticated weapons out of a James Bond movie, while the orcs scrape the rust off their Soviet weapons. That just about sums the orcs method of warfare, primitive.

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    • Another example of the Brits showing their true colors of being the fiercest and most adamant supporters of Ukraine. Yes our guys do the lifting but damn if the Brits aren’t tip of the sword. They make it happen. Thank you. I wish the US had the balls of the Brits.

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      • You will as soon as you vote for Roger Wicker or Marco Rubio for POTUS! Sadly it looks as if you might get someone from the Trump wing, or even Trump himself!
        You mentioned a while back that you thought that Ron De Santis was supportive of Ukraine?
        I still can’t find anything that he has said on the record about either Ukraine or putler. Do you know if he’s said anything at all?

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        • Marco is phenomenal. Steady thoughtful and a proud voter for Marco not only for the senate but also POTUS if he does run.
          I looked around for DeSantis on something written or revenge spoken but can’t find anything. But I do know personally I heard him in a speech he made in April about Ukraine. I just can’t find it. I wouldn’t back anyone who doesn’t back Ukraine. Not because I’m Ukrainian but because that individual doesn’t share my values.

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          • Do you recollect what he said? He’s certainly been careful to avoid the topic, that’s for sure. In a time of Russian genocide and savagery, all high profile politicians are keen to make their positions known on such a huge topic. We have the info at our fingertips thanks to the net. Those who are silent are the same as those shit countries in the UN who abstain from voting on anti-Russian resolutions. Silence is just as good as an endorsement for putler. A vocal endorsement is in fact an endorsement for genocide. Like Trump, who praised putler for his “savvy” and “genius” when he unleashed his Holocaust. “I think it’s great”, said Trump. He even made an off colour “joke” about how he wished that putler had sent his orcs to the Mexican border! How sick can you get?

            As you know, Trump associates himself exclusively with putler shills and Ukraine haters. The list is endless: whether family, friends, business associates, legal representatives, political associates or close advisers.
            He strongly endorses Di Santis. He turned against him very recently it’s true, but that is only because he is likely to be a rival in the selection process for 2024! It is thought that he might offer Di Santis to be his running mate, in order to consolidate his position and eliminate his key opponent.
            For those reasons, I would be pretty surprised if Di Santis turns out to be anti-putler and pro-Ukraine. But I’d be of course delighted if it turns out that he is!
            Let me know if he breaks his silence!

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          • I wish I could remember exactly but it was definitely a condemnation of Russia and compliments to the Ukrainian military. Heck he’s a graduate of the Naval Academy so I’d expect nothing less. I hope he’s not playing politics by trying to get the Trumpers. That would be disappointing.

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          • I’d be careful about reading Politico. The media hates Desantis so negative press doesn’t surprise me. I’ll send an email to his office and see what he says.

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