Ukrainian defenders on Zmiiny Island saved the cat and gave it a new home 

During the liberation of Zmiiny Island from the Russian invaders, the Ukrainian military rescued a cat that miraculously survived. Fluffy was named Snake, in honor of the place where he was found, and now he has settled in Kyiv, in the family of the scout commander.

As the representatives of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said, during one of the stages of the operation, the island was finally demined and full control was established over it. We got to all the corners on Zmiino – searched enemy equipment, bomb shelters and finally got to the main flagpole.

During the inspection, scouts found a cat that survived hundreds of shellings and bombings, ate for weeks what it managed to hunt, and miraculously survived.

The rescued cat became the mascot of the liberated island and will now fight for a great victory together with the Ukrainian defenders.



  1. Great video showing the cat and Ukrainians removing the Russian flag on the island. Nice touch by the soldier as he wipes his feet on the terrorists flag.

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