Ukrainian Army hits bridge across Inhulets River near Kherson 

Ukrainian forces struck the Daryivka Bridge across the Inhulets River outside the city of Kherson early on July 23, advisor to the head of Kherson regional military administration, Sergey Khlan, wrote on Facebook.

According to the official, the Ukrainian military acted “with surgical precision.”

Khlan called the hit a continuation of the operation to cut off the Kherson group of Russian forces from their supplies.

If the Antonivka Bridge was a “key element” of supplying Russian troops through the left bank (of the Dnipro River), this strike concerns the right bank, he emphasized.

“Every bridge is a logistical weak point, and our Armed Forces masterfully destroy the enemy’s system,” Khlan said.

“This is not yet the liberation of Kherson, but serious preparatory steps in this direction.”

He added that the hit would not have been possible without Western weapons.

A Russian staging area near the Antonivka Bridge in Kherson Oblast was hit by a long-range Ukrainian strike on July 19. According to Khlan, the attack left Russian forces in the area disoriented.

Deputy Head of Kherson Regional Council Yuriy Sobolevskyi said on July 21 that the Russians could not promptly restore the bridge across the Dnipro River and could be cut off from supply routes and means of retreat.

The Antonivka Bridge is one of two that Russia could use to supply or withdraw its troops on the right bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast.


      • Looking at the latest report, running is out of the question, they are surrounded and the orcs have said they won’t surrender. I don’t care either way, if they are dead, we don’t need to feed them.

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        • Same with me. Alive or dead, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is taking these units out of the fight in whatever way possible.

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    • The problem is that the Moskali know Ukraine will follow the Geneva Convention rules, much unlike their leaders. I’d suggest put them in a prison with Ukrainian TV and no YouTube and watch them kill each other…

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  1. “This is not yet the liberation of Kherson, but serious preparatory steps in this direction.”

    If given the tools, UA forces will finish the job, and this thoroughly. So far, they’ve managed to start driving the cockroaches into a corner.

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