The Russian occupiers launched a missile attack on Odesa — the strongest since February 24

The most massive missile strike since February 24, 2022, was carried out today by the Russian occupiers of Odesa.

Some of the missiles were shot down by anti-aircraft defense, but some hit the target, reports the correspondent of “Dumska”.

A fire is reported in the port area.

There is no official information about damage, victims and victims yet.

It should be noted that the shelling was carried out the day after the signing of the so-called ” grain agreement “, designed to partially unblock Ukrainian seaports.



  1. Earlier, People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko said that six explosions had been heard in the city.

    “There are already 6 explosions in Odessa. Most of them were shot down by air defense, but there is an arrival,” he said.

    Goncharenko also said that a fire broke out in the port of Odessa.

    Later, he added that Russia had hit the port of Odessa, a massive rocket attack, two rockets flew. There are people injured.

    “Once again, they have shown what deals with them are worth. Only by arming Ukraine can we really secure Ukrainian agricultural exports,” he wrote.

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  2. Orcs can’t be trusted to walk their own granny across the street, let alone to not send rockets at a port 12 hours after signing an agreement. May they reap the whirlwind 🌪️.Send now tornados of light ablaze with Holy fire🔥 upon their camps💥, supplies💥, strongholds 💥, and headquarters💥.

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  3. In addition, Goncharenko reported on the air battle.

    “There is an air battle in the sky over Odessa,” he wrote.

    There is currently no official information on this matter.

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