In Odessa, the building of the National Art Museum was damaged by a blast wave

With this strike, the Russian Federation endangered the historical center of Odessa, included in the preliminary list of UNESCO.

This morning, Russia fired missiles at the Odessa port / photo OK "Pivden"
This morning, Russia fired missiles at the Odessa port / photo OK “Pivden”

In Odessa, a historic building of the Odessa National Art Museum was damaged due to a missile strike .

This was announced on Facebook by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko.

He notes that this morning Russia fired missiles at the port of Odessa, exactly where the grain was stored, which was supposed to be taken abroad.

“It struck unscrupulously and boldly. Moreover, with this strike, Russia endangered the historical center of Odessa, included in the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List.

The blast wave damaged the windows in the building of the Odessa Art Museum. Fortunately, there were no casualties, the museum immediately began work to eliminate the damage,” Tkachenko wrote.

He notes that Odessa is the only city in Ukraine that has preserved the town-planning structure of a multinational port city, characteristic of the late 18th and 19th centuries, which, apart from Ukrainians, reflects the influence of numerous ethnic communities.

According to Tkachenko, the port part, according to the updated version of the nomination dossier, which will soon be submitted by Ukraine to UNESCO, will be included in the buffer zone of the World Heritage Site. The port is located close to key cultural heritage sites in the historical center of Odessa.

“I once again call on UNESCO and the international community to do everything possible to stop Russia’s attacks on the peaceful cities of Ukraine and the destruction of cultural and natural heritage. Russia has no right to be a member of UNESCO, and even less to chair the UNESCO World Heritage Committee,” he said. Tkachenko.

Odessa National Art Museum:

The building, which houses the Odessa National Art Museum, was erected between 1824 and 1828. The author of the project is unknown. After the construction was completed, the building was examined by the famous architect Frans Boffo. The first owner of the palace was Countess Olga Naryshkina (née Pototskaya).

In 1888, the palace was acquired by Odessa mayor Grigory Marazli, a well-known public figure, collector and philanthropist. In 1892, he gave the palace to the city in order to create a museum in it. The building is an architectural monument.

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