The concentrated artillery attack on the Antonovsky Bridge near Kherson is a prelude to a Ukrainian offensive to retake the city.

Robin Horsfall. July 20

Former SAS Soldier, Writer, Veterans Campaigner and Public Speaker. Operations Nimrod and Mikado. University of Surrey.

The southern coast of Ukraine is probably Russia’s weakest defence line. With their navy forced out to sea the Antonovsky Bridge is one of only two route of resupply to Russian occupying forces. It is also a route of retreat. In spite of propaganda claiming that the attacking missiles were shot down video evidence of a severely damaged bridge portrays the true picture. Currently the bridge is still operative but not to heavy traffic.

Without the Antonovsky Bridge Russian forces risk being cut off without resupply or route of retreat. Many experts have questioned why the bridge was still standing. It is possible that the necessary weapons to strike the bridge were not in place. Another concern would be, an army without a route of retreat might fight all the harder, or thirdly, having destroyed the bridge Ukrainian forces could not use it to advance across the Dnipro River.

Whatever the reason, now it has holes all over it indicating that Ukraine wants it closed so they can advance in strength on Kherson. For the first time in four months Ukraine might be taking the battle to the enemy in force.

If Ukraine does advance they will need increased and continued support from us in the west. The world must not grow accustomed to the Russian occupation!

Slava Ukraine!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall

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