From the LinkedIn page of Tim De Zitter

The Russian MP Vladimir Plotnikov is currently enjoying his vacation in Venice, Italy.

Why do we still allow Russia’s warmongering Putin-allies to enter and enjoy the beauty of the European continent?

A Duma deputy violated the sanctions issued by the European Union and the United States against Russia by going on vacation to Venice. The trip was documented on Instagram.

With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the European Union and the United States of America have multiplied the sanctions against Russia . The punitive measures implemented by the West were not limited to exerting pressure on Moscow’s economic policy but were also adopted against some of the most prominent figures in the country led by Vladimir Putin .

Among the natural persons mainly affected by the sanctions of the EU and the United States, there are the Russian oligarchs , the politicians closest to the Kremlin leader or, again, the two daughters of Putin who have been imposed, among other things, the ban on trip to the European Union and the freezing of foreign accounts.

The effectiveness of the measures introduced by the West, however, does not seem to have the expected or hoped-for effectiveness …

Despite limitations and prohibitions, in fact, one of the deputies of the Duma who is counted among the loyalists of Vladimir Putin has been spotted in the territories of the EU . Specifically, it is the deputy Vladimir Plotnikov . The Russian politician is on vacation in Venice with his daughter Sonia. In fact, she was the girl who shared a photo of her with her father on her Instagram profile while they are on board a boat and enjoying their stay in the lagoon city.


  1. I have been saying since 2014 that no Russian should be allowed to enter Europe or North America.
    Even now, it seems that any Russian; including putlerite scum like this one, can come and go as they please and enjoy living off the fat of the land while Ukrainians are being murdered, tortured and raped.
    That is sickening and loathsome.

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  2. Unfortunately I think the Chief cockroach has diplomatic immunity. Unless Italy designated him persona nongratus he can do whatever he wants. His smile says it all…fuck you the West!!!

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  3. “Why do we still allow Russia’s warmongering Putin-allies to enter and enjoy the beauty of the European continent?”

    Because the people running this dumbass continent have no pride, no dignity, no brains and no courage. That’s why China will devour it in the near future. This is one reason why I can’t understand Ukraine’s desire to be a part of this club of losers.

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