From Lisa Yasko FB page

July 22

The United States recognizes the actions of Russia as the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The facts of the barbaric killings by the Russian side of our civilians.. unfortunately, are getting bigger. But at the same time, the circle of countries that recognize these atrocities as genocide is growing.

➡️ This recognition is quite important. First of all, in a legal context. And we believe that this step will significantly simplify the process of bringing all perpetrators to justice.
Each criminal will pay the appropriate price for their crimes and answer before the law!

We continue to urge the countries of the world to join the circle of those who recognize the atrocities of Russia as the genocide of the Ukrainian people!

StopRussia #StopGenocide #StopTerror


  1. The US designates four countries as official sponsors of terror: Syria, Iran, Cuba and Iran. See the connection; they are all Russian client states. Yet between them, over the past 50 years, the terror acts they sponsored and/or operated themselves, are just a tiny fraction of the terror sponsored and expedited by Russia.
    You have to ask yourself why this satanic regime still has not been officially recognised as a terror state, even after eight years of diabolical terror acts inside Ukraine?
    As for genocide, they meet all ten criteria for a genocide regime.
    If the putinazis are officially named as a) a terror regime and b) a genocide regime, then the disgustingly large number of US companies still doing business inside putlerstan will have no alternative but to withdraw.
    Also, any official confirmation on these lines must surely result in a real tightening of sanctions?

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  2. Russia should be named as a state sponsor of terrorism as well as a regime committing genocide. Both are factual and speak of the moral weakness of the west by their dithering on such declarations.

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