Someone even more bent on war might replace Putin, Bellingcat investigator says

July 21

Journalist Christo Grozev speaks during MezhyhiryaFest 2021 in Kyiv Oblast (Photo:Oleh Petrasiuk)

Journalist Christo Grozev speaks during MezhyhiryaFest 2021 in Kyiv Oblast (Photo:Oleh Petrasiuk)

An exceptionally good result is not expected from the “Kremlin towers” conflict, since Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s successor could be someone even more bent on war, Christo Grozev, an investigative journalist of Bellingcat media outlet, told Radio NV on July 20.

Speaking about the conflict between the Kremlin elites, the journalist noted that the processes were actually underway, and Putin himself was successfully maneuvering between different camps.

“These processes are ongoing, we see them, (Russian terrorist Igor) Girkin is one of their embodiment,” Grozev said.

“But keep in mind that they are on both sides, Putin now has the opportunity to maneuver and balance the blows from those who want to end this nightmare for themselves, for their relatives, for their money. But there are others who make money from it and are not at all interested at the end of the war. He’s sitting in the middle and so far he’s maneuvering pretty well between those two groups.”

But the Bellingcat representative believes that the result of the “Kremlin towers” rivalry could be unpredictable for Ukraine and the West in particular.

“I don’t think they will stop, they have a financial interest in either ending the war or expanding it, so I think one of these towers will take over, it’s just a matter of when,” Grozev said.

“Any of them wants Putin to be gone, but here the question is which one of them will win, because it may not even be the best option for you and for us if they appoint someone who is even more bent on war.”

Earlier Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate, said that the Kremlin could face only two possible scenarios of a change of power.

“There are only two options for how this will all end,” he said.

“First, Putin’s successor stops major actions not only in Ukraine, but also in many parts of the world. And says: ‘Please, immediately lift all imposed sanctions from Russia, let’s build new relations. Russia has nothing to do with it, it was only a person who used to rule the state, and these were his personal problems, he is a maniac.’ That is, ‘deputinization’ will take place. And they will blame him for everything.”

According to Budanov, Russia’s collapse is the second possible scenario of the change of power.

“Another option is simply Russia’s collapse into several parts, into three or more,” he added.

At the same time, Budanov said that the process of searching for Putin’s “successor” was underway. He did not name them, saying that “there is no need to interfere with this process.”


    • Read Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, and you will see Russia’s end.

      I am of the opinion that when Putin’s Army is destroyed, the remnant of the Russian Empire will break apart, and once the break up starts, it will not end until most of the nationalities are able to determine how they will live without input from Muscovy.


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