Russia resumes gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream

The volume of deliveries in the coming months will have a big impact, for example, on the German economy.

Russia supplies gas to Germany / photo
Russia supplies gas to Germany / photo

After the maintenance of Nord Stream 1, gas supplies  through the German-Russian gas pipeline began again on Thursday morning.

This was stated by a representative of the operating company Nord Stream AG, writes Spiegel .

The representative said that the volumes of gas supplies were announced at about the same level as before maintenance, that is, about 67 million cubic meters per day. This corresponds to approximately 40% of the maximum power video

Claimed quantities are subject to change throughout the day subject to prior notice.

Recently, there has been concern that Russia could use the announced repairs to permanently cut off gas supplies to Germany. Moscow noted that the complete cessation of gas supplies by Nord Stream 1 was due to the necessary work on the gas pipeline infrastructure, but primarily to the failure of the Siemens turbine brought to Canada for repairs.

It is still unclear how much gas Russia now wants to permanently transport through the pipeline. Before the cessation of supplies 10 days ago, the loading of the Baltic pipeline was only 40%. Over the past few days, there have been signs that Russia may further cut its gas supplies. This is indicated by the so-called nominations – the reservation of pipeline capacity.

These orders for gas transit through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline remained at a reduced level on Thursday. The head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, said that the so-called nominations for Nord Stream 1 still account for about 30% of the capacity.

The volume of deliveries in the coming months is likely to have a big impact on, for example, the German economy, as well as private customers, as this is likely to affect gas prices. It should also be decisive for how much Germany will be able to fill its gas storage facilities in the cold season and there will be a shortage.

As UNIAN previously reported, on July 10, Canada  agreed to return  the turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which was located at the Dorval plant and was not transported due to sanctions against Russia. Germany insisted on sending the equipment.

The United States and the European Union  supported  Canada’s decision, but Ukraine called for its cancellation. According to Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, such a move would put the Russian Federation  in a winning position  and only add to the problems.

The Ukrainian diaspora  in Canada filed a lawsuit over the transfer of a  Siemens turbine for Nord Stream, contrary to sanctions. The organization’s leader, Paul Grod, called the government’s decision “a big mistake with terrible consequences.”

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