Republicans wince as their Ukrainian-born colleague thrashes Zelenskyy

Spartz continues to allege without evidence, that Yermak is a Russian asset. Yermak used to work for Arseny Yarsemyuk; not a person who would harbour a criminal.

Spartz needs to be vetted.


  1. I don’t understand this crap. I don’t think she called Yermak a Russian asset only that there was some weird shit going on. I’d wish she just goes over there meets with Zelensky and Yermak and just resolve this. We really don’t need this crap now.

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      • Russians don’t even understand nuclear energy because they can’t see it, eat it or drink it. Therefore it must be propaganda or someone’s imagination. They didn’t even know about Chernobyl when they moved in, they started plowing trenches and threw radioactive dust all over the place. Now they’ve vacated and sent the sick to Belarus for treatment.

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