Putin Wrong If He Thinks of Winning War of Attrition in Ukraine – CIA Director

According to him, Putin miscalculated with his original invasion plans.

Russian President Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS
Russian President Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

CIA chief William Burns said Russian President Vladimir Putin is wrong if he thinks he can win a war of attrition in Ukraine.

Sky.news writes  about it .

Burns said the Russian president would be wrong in believing he could win a bloody war of attrition against Ukraine, as he had previously been shown to be wrong in believing his forces could capture Kyiv during the first days of an invasion.

Putin miscalculated his original invasion plans by failing to capture Kyiv in a lightning strike, he said, and is again wrong: “He insists that Ukraine is not a real country, but real countries are fighting back.”

Recall, on July 20, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov  formulated the expanded geographic goals of the Russian war in Ukraine , confirming the ISW’s long-standing assessment that Russia has a territorial goal outside the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Earlier, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that within 90 days the  Russians advanced in the Donbas  by only 9-16 km, this is not very much. According to him, the fighting in the Donbass is very intense and characterized by great violence.

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  1. The Telegraph said in May: “US intelligence officials believe that Putin currently has four “near-term” objectives. He wants to take over Donbas, encircle Ukrainian forces west of Donbas, and consolidate a land bridge from Donbas to Crimea.
    The fourth goal is to extend the land bridge west to take Odesa and reach Transnistria, cutting off Ukraine from the sea in the process.”

    Let there be no ambiguity about this. It is what the rodent nazi wants and will achieve unless help from the allies increases by a factor of 400%.
    Putler’s holocaust costs them about $150bn/yr. Small change really, so he can go on for years. India, China, Iran and other shit countries will prop up his economy.
    That is why this malignant, cancerous regime; the most evil in history, must be comprehensively defeated militarily and economically before the year’s end.

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