Key bridge in Russia-occupied Kherson disabled by Ukrainian artillery strikes

After the artillery strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Antonovsky Bridge in the Kherson region, the Russian troops lost the ability to move heavy loads, including military equipment, over it, said the ex-adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Arministrration Serhiy Khlan.

“The Antonovsky Bridge cannot currently be used for transportation of heavy equipment and truck traffic. It has been closed since yesterday. Only car traffic is allowed. In fact, for a day now, the occupiers have not been able to move heavy weapons and ammunition along the Antonovsky Bridge,” he said.

Khlan also said that now the Russians are experiencing serious difficulties with the repair of this bridge. They cannot find repair specialists in Kherson since all the skilled professionals have already left.  According to Khlan, the Russians will have to look for specialists in the occupied Crimea which will take time.

Earlier, Russian propagandists showed a video of the aftermath of the Ukrainian strike on the Antonovsky Bridge, which connects the temporarily occupied Kherson with the left bank of the Dnieper River.


  1. “According to Khlan, the Russians will have to look for specialists in the occupied Crimea which will take time.”

    I can’t see any specialists running to take on the job of repairing a bridge under fire from Himars.

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  2. Looks like traffic is still supported by the bridge. But, that doesn’t matter. The bridge will see its demise when the time is ripe.

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