In Iran, Putin was greeted with his left hand and put under the air conditioner, because of which he fell ill – journalist

The leaders of Iran and Turkey publicly showed disrespect for him.

Putin's Iranian visit showed that he is not respected / REUTERS
Putin’s Iranian visit showed that he is not respected / REUTERS

Putin’s visit to Iran showed the world that he is not respected. Turkish and Iranian leaders publicly confirmed this.

This was stated by international journalist and political commentator Ivan Yakovina on the FREEDOM channel.

Commenting on the recent meeting of Putin, Erdogan and Khamenei in Iran, the journalist noted that the most controversial opinions are heard about the participation of the Turkish leader. In his opinion, Erdogan is trying to strengthen the position of Turkey and he succeeds.

Yakovina is confident that the Turkish president has deliberately built a loyal sanctions policy against the Russian Federation, and is also establishing other ties, in particular in the field of civil aviation and tourism. However, Erdogan clearly showed disrespect for Putin by being late for a meeting with him.

“Everyone saw how Erdogan demonstrated that he does not respect Putin. He was late for a meeting with Putin. Putin stood, biting his lips and nails, waiting for Erdogan. And Erdogan appeared so imposingly, patted Putin on the shoulder, They don’t respect Putin. And the great Ayatollah Ali Khamenei doesn’t respect Putin either. He greeted Putin with his left hand, which means… It is customary in Islam to do all sorts of unclean things with the left hand, for example, to blow your nose, to do everything bad. Here he greeted Putin with his left hand. He put Putin under the air conditioner. Obviously, the air conditioner was turned on to full, or he was old. In general, Putin is now ill. Apparently, he has COVID-19. I don’t know if they will confirm this, but Putin sneezed, coughed and is now sick,” Yakovina said.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. “It is customary in Islam to do all sorts of unclean things with the left hand, for example, to blow your nose, to do everything bad.”

    I heard that they also wipe their rear ends with the left hand. So, greeting this evil runt with the left hand is fitting.
    Anyhow, Vlad has subjected himself to a degrading and humiliating treatment like he practices on spineless Western leaders, like Macron, Scholz and others, who don’t deserve to be treated with respect, despite their positions.
    Of course, Turkey and Iran are fully aware of mafia land’s utter failure in Ukraine, and they can see its army maneuvering itself every day ever more into a complete military defeat. I just wonder what it is that they could want from mafia land. Turkey could use cheap energy and that’s about it. What could Iran want? It has plenty of energy. And, mafia land’s weapons have shown to be completely inferior to Western ones, and that’s about all that mafia land has to offer as export goods; energy and weapons.
    It seems like they have putler by the proverbial balls. It also seems that the war that Vlad has started has opened a bunch of other cans of worms on the global political stage, like the lessons that China has drawn from this, both putler’s failures AND Western disunity and appeasements. And, the predicament that loony has gotten himself into, the strengthening of NATO and so much more.

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