Great Britain will hand over almost 60 howitzers to Ukraine

In the coming weeks, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will supply Ukraine with dozens of artillery installations, hundreds of drones and anti-tank grenade launchers.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

In particular, we are talking about more than two dozen 155 mm M109 self-propelled howitzers and 36 light towed 105 mm L119 howitzers, as announced today by Defense Minister Ben Wallace in an updated report to the British Parliament. He also added that counter-battery radar systems and more than 50,000 ammunition for Soviet-era artillery available in Ukraine will be transferred.

Britain will also send more than 1,600 anti-tank weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles, including hundreds of kamikaze drones.

It is reported that 6,900 rockets and grenade launchers such as NLAW, Javelin, Brimstone and others, six Stormer HVM anti-aircraft missile systems with hundreds of Starstreak missiles, multiple rocket launcher systems, 120 armored personnel carriers, 16 thousand artillery shells, as well as a large number of non-lethal aid — more than 82,000 helmets, 8,450 body armor and more than 5,000 night vision devices.

We will remind that it was previously reported that Great Britain purchased and repaired more than 20 M109 self-propelled guns in order to hand them over to the Ukrainian army, which is resisting the Russian invaders.


  1. Thank you so much, UK!

    “We will remind that it was previously reported that Great Britain purchased and repaired more than 20 M109 self-propelled guns in order to hand them over to the Ukrainian army, which is resisting the Russian invaders.”

    Our goal is going from resisting ruskie invaders to chasing them back into their shithole. With more help like in this article, the goal is achievable.

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    • Amongst the 10,000 Ukrainian combat troops currently being trained in the UK by the British army, are of course artillery men; training on MLRS’s. I don’t know how many or what range, but of course these are vital for what we can refer to as Ukrainian D Day: the beginning of the end for the orcs, ie the liberation of Kherson oblast. Everything depends on this.
      Re your comment about putler going back to Kyiv, it will happen definitely, unless we finish off these nazi vermin now. Preferably before winter. And that is dependent on the decisions made at the WH and the Pentagon. It would seem that Gen Austin is taking a hawkish position; well now it’s time to deliver big time.
      I’m very disappointed that cities like Mykolayiv, Kharkiv and so many others are still able to be used as Aunt Sallies by the putinazis. This is a big failure of the allies.

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