Could Russia try to take Kyiv again?


    • You know Russkies never learn from their mistakes, they might try, but with an even worse beating now that Ukraine are ready for them.

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      • That’s right. They could try it, but as long as they’re only inching forward in Donbas and being pushed back in Kherson, that would be extremely foolish. I think they’re trying to pressure Belarus to attack and/or draw UA forces to the region. Kyiv? That’s out of the question.
        That’s my humble opinion…

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        • I think if Luka really was loony enough to try and attack Ukraine, half of his army would desert, and he would be deposed in a few weeks.

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          • Exactly right. As I remember it, 95% of the population doesn’t support Putin’s war, more than 65% of the military don’t support Putin’s war and the entire elite Battalion don’t support the war. So he’s just left with meat puppets too, everyone else wants his ass swinging from a rope.

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