Ukrainian military check Snake Island, rescue cat

Ukrainian military check Snake Island, rescue cat

20.07.2022 11:29

The Ukrainian military have carried out demining works, seized enemy ammunition and military equipment and rescued a Ukrainian cat on Snake [Zmiinyi] Island.

The relevant statement was made by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Telegram, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“As part of the operation, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry examined and conducted reconnaissance within the area and underground fortifications of Snake Island. Engineering demining works were carried out. The samples of enemy ammunition and equipment were revealed and seized, namely guidance and control systems, Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles, man-portable air-defense systems, grenade launchers, flame guns, small arms, warfare records, personal records of Russian soldiers, electronic media,” the report states.

The Ukrainian flag was reinstalled on Snake Island, replacing the Russian tricolor. In addition, the Ukrainian military found and evacuated a Ukrainian cat who spent several months under Russian occupation.

A reminder that, in early July 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed a military operation to clear Snake Island of the equipment and ammunition of Russian invaders, who escaped to the temporarily occupied Crimea.



  1. The cat survived dozens of attacks, bombs, shellings, whatever………………cats have 7 lives they say, but I quess 70 is closer to the truth,

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  2. I probably don’t have a right or the military knowledge to say this but I really wish we would begin the counter offensive for Kherson. Hard hearing all the BS coming from the cockroaches about annexing our territory without a significant reply like a major victory or sending a few hundred missiles up their ass at the Kerch Bridge.

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    • My feelings too, cap. It’s going too slow for me, although I know that the Ukrainian military has shown to be very competent, and they won’t attack even one day sooner before all must-have preparations have been made.

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    • The reason is that the defenders aren’t yet ready. It’s a colossal job. They believe that 15,000 orcs are in Kherson oblast, with more on the way. Maybe another 5000. Military doctrine suggests a 3-1 advantage is needed in such a situation, which means that this operation; call it Ukrainian D Day, will require at least 60,000 combat troops. That’s a huge number; four or five divisions.
      They require air support, but will have to rely on their old MiGs and SU 25’s. They will need drones for attack and drones for spotting; shitloads. They will need more HIMARS than they currently have, plus they will need much better air defences in the Mykolaiv oblast; where the operation will start.
      I wouldn’t even like to guess how many tanks and armored vehicles they will need, but it’s a shitload.
      On top of that they have to defend Donbas from 150,000 fucking orcs.
      So it’s a big ask; especially without western warplanes and troops. Yet they have to do it and they must complete before winter.
      They can definitely do it. But the reality is that the allies have still not done enough to help.

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  3. What a tough cat! Survived for months on a small island together with a pack of orcs and bombings.
    Well, it’s a Ukrainian cat!

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