Putin ordered Russians to drink Ivan-tea instead of “some Coca-Cola”

The Russian dictator said that in the imported drink, which left the market because of the war, “there is only chemistry.”

Putin found a replacement for Coca-Cola / via REUTERS
Putin found a replacement for Coca-Cola / via REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to replace the Coca-Cola drink, the manufacturer of which left the market due to the war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, with Ivan Chai. The Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation will receive an instruction to establish mass production.

The TASS propaganda agency writes about this .

“Indeed, this (ivan tea – UNIAN) is certainly more useful than some kind of Coca-Cola, there is only chemistry,” Putin said.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Ordering his sheep not to drink Coca Cola and not to complain that its not available anymore, he has the nerve to complain about Neo-nazis? “I will tell you what to drink and you will like it.”

    Meanwhile in Ukraine you can bask in the sun, speak about whatever you want and have a Big Mac and a Coke…

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