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July 20

In the middle of March, a psychologist named Spartak Subbota was contacted by a group assisting Ukrainian refugees who had recently arrived in Poland.

The survivors have been offered medical and psychiatric care. At first, Subbota found himself limiting many of his therapy sessions to a half hour. “The simple reason was that I kept running into problems I had never faced before,” he told me. In one case, soldiers tied up a mother and forced her to watch the assault of her daughter.

A week into Subbota’s treatment of the twenty-one year-old victim, her mother tried to kill herself. For the first time in his practice, Subbota found himself asking to take pauses so that he could consult with other colleagues who were fielding similar cases. “I wasn’t sure how to continue work so as to not make the condition of the patient even worse,” he said.

Subbota is currently seeing seven patients with wartime traumas, ranging in age from fourteen to thirty; he might only see three of them a day, with sessions stretching on for hours. But creating a safe environment for his clients has been a slow, fitful process. Not long ago, Subbota began therapy with a woman who had been held in a basement with several other women and raped repeatedly, in the course of four days, by a half-dozen Russian soldiers. Even as Subbota’s patient sought treatment for the physical injuries she suffered, she was not able to talk about what she had gone through until the fifteenth session.

Today is the 147th day of russian terrorism and Ukrainian genocide.


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