Ukraine’s Ambassador to the U.S. calls for “surprises” to be sent to the Russians on the battlefield 

Ukraine is in discussion with the U.S. to receive new Western weapons, not all of which will be disclosed, commented the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova, during an interview with U.S. state-funded news outlet Radio Liberty on July 19.

“It is better to surprise the enemy,” said the ambassador.

“From the beginning of this phase of the war, all requests from the Ukrainian side were connected not only to our current necessities on the battlefield, but also to what we will need in the future. Therefore, we continue the discussion with our partners.”

She added that the Ukrainian side is constantly working on all levels to increase the number of weapons and obtain new types of weapons.

On July 15, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense reported that Ukrainian troops had already destroyed 30 logistics facilities of the Russian troops with the help of the American HIMARS Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems. The current supplied ammunition for those HIMARS can reach up to70km away, though there have been increasing calls among Ukrainians for delivery of ATACMSsystems, which could reach targets 300km away.


  1. “Ukraine is in discussion with the U.S. to receive new Western weapons, not all of which will be disclosed,”

    Maybe the best solution is to release no information about Ukrainian weapons, let the Russians be the first to find out about them.

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  2. Welcome news of course. In addition to catastrophic surprises for the genocidal nazi vermin, how about a really pleasant surprise for the defenders? ie the Budapest signatories giving them EVERYTHING they asked for, plus loads more money? The latter of course monitored on the ground. Why not consider giving Ukraine a lot more than she requested? It’s an investment, not a gift. Investors expect a dividend. Give it them: Year after year after year: Peace, prosperity and happiness in Ukraine. Which is great for the world and miserable for putinazi vermin.

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  3. “Ukraine is in discussion with the U.S. to receive new Western weapons, not all of which will be disclosed”

    We don’t need to know absolutely everything … actually, the cockroaches don’t. Let everyone know through reports of more ammo dumps going up in smoke, command posts being eliminated and maybe even the Kerch bridge going to the fishes. We’ll be fine with that!

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  4. OPSEC is the most important thing with this stuff. They’ve already revealed far too much. Now, they need to build up forces and hit Putin’s Orcs like the hammer of Thor, suddenly and unexpectedly. An operation Bagration in reverse.


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