From the FB page; Support Ukraine

Dom Strangio. July 19

Russia has just confirmed it was responsible for a missile strike on the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, the latest in a series of deadly attacks in CLEARLY civilian areas across Ukraine.

To the moral recalcitrants who blindly support Putin, and may try to argue this is somehow western misinformation, you’re too late.

Change your profile name to TOO LATE.

The federation has already conceded they were responsible.

I will for my part continue to give this war a human face. Tragic as this may at times be.

Look at the pictures closely. Study them. Understand what is happening here.

Artem Dmitriev is giving his last goodbyes to his beautiful and innocent daughter Liza.

She was only 4-years-old, and wearing a blue denim jacket with flowers when the missiles struck. Little Liza was among 23 people killed, including two boys aged 7 and 8, in Russia’s indiscriminate missile strike. Her mother, Iryna Dmytrieva, was among the many also injured.

Try to imagine the pain. The sense of loss. And the overwhelming and inconsolable grief now being experienced by this little girl’s entire World. While the war criminal at the head of the long table in the Kremlin cowers in his bunker.

I have been clear all the way through this conflict.

Russia’s behaviours are not the work of a modern military. They are the work of a band of modern day savages.

And Russia must continue to pay a heavy price for their barbarity in Ukraine. Their war crimes must not go unanswered. Ever.


  1. The putler murder gang has killed one million innocent people since his nazi regime was established. For Liza alone, they all need to hang. Preferably by their tiny testicles.

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  2. Her loss hit me very hard, I can scarcely look at these pictures without weeping. God be with her mom and dad, I can not imagine the pain of so many families losing their family and friends like this let alone their children. I ran across the name of the rashist that ordered this strike, and wished I could acquire a working t-72 in no-mans land to slowly run him over.

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  3. I saw these pictures yesterday and my heart broke apart!
    What senseless killings each day!
    Do the creatures who order, and who carry out such killings, even know what they’re doing? Do they care? Is there even a spark of compassion … of humanity, in their evil hearts? Would they feel the same deep-seated pain when they see this poor little child in her coffin, knowing THEY murdered her?
    What wretchedness!

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