From Euromaidan Press FB page

July 19

Story of Ukrainian soldier: In retaliation for damaged buildings and the tears of his relatives, he will fight until the last Russian soldier will be wiped from the face of the earth

When Russian troops were approaching Kharkiv they didn’t know that the residents of the city didn’t consider them to be liberators and hadn’t prepared any flowers for them. Instead, residents of Kharkiv had been already waiting to crush them, said Ukrainian defender Braun.

During the fighting for his hometown, Russian forces fired on his armored personnel carrier injuring two people in it. They got back to Kharkiv on foot under heavy shelling.

“I noticed Russia’s combat packs weren’t filled with weapons – inside of them were looted tools, fishing rods, and tableware,” he recalled.

Braun believes Russian forces could not be called an army, “They just criminals and marauders.”


  1. A hero! And, while Ukraine has many thousands of such heroes, mafia land has many thousands of criminal creatures. Indeed, that is not an army, it’s a cockroach swarm.

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