You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Ukrainian Choir / The Rolling Stones – Vienna – 15th July 2022

First we had this….

Now we have this…..

Two of the biggest groups in rock history supporting Ukraine, it doesn’t come much better than that.

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  1. As I have mentioned previously, I was hoping that someone like Harvey Goldsmith would promote a huge concert in Kyiv this summer with the biggest stars in history, plus the cream of Ukrainian artists. This would raise big money and also increase awareness. There are still plenty of people in the world who don’t know about or are indifferent to Ukraine’s agony. It looks too late to do it this summer, sadly, but hopefully next year it can be done and will focus on celebrating the freedom of Ukraine and raising funds toward the colossal costs of fortifying, rebuilding and humanitarian assistance.
    The seemingly indestructible Stones, McCartney, plus Floyd, Springsteen, U2 and all the other biggest stadium acts would perform for free. Eg: Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Aerosmith, The Eagles etc, plus Ukraine stars like Okean Elzy, DakhaBrakha, Go_A, Hutsul Planet, Kalush Orchestra etc.

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