“Wagnerites” suffered heavy losses in the Luhansk region, a conflict is brewing between the Russians – intelligence

Ivan Boyko 09:31, 18.07.22 YHIAH

This is likely to affect future operational effectiveness and reduce its value.

Wagner lowers recruiting standards / photo t.me/wargonzo
Wagner lowers recruiting standards / photo t.me/wargonzo

The Wagner PMC has almost certainly played a central role in recent battles, including the Russian capture of Popasna and Lysichansk in the Lugansk region. These battles inflicted heavy losses on the group.

This is stated in the UK’s daily intelligence review on Twitter. Russia has used the private military company Wagner to reinforce frontline forces and to reduce personnel shortages and casualties.

Wagner lowers recruitment standards, employs convicts and people who were previously blacklisted. Very limited training is available for recruits. This is likely to affect future operational effectiveness and reduce its value as a mainstay for regular Russian forces.

The head of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, recently received the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for an offensive in the Lugansk region.

“This at a time when a number of high-ranking Russian military commanders are being replaced is likely to exacerbate dissatisfaction between the military and Wagner. It is also likely to negatively affect the morale of the Russian military,” the department added.

As UNIAN reported, according to Ukrainian intelligence, in the military units of the Russian Federation, which are deployed near the state border with Ukraine, on the eve of being sent to the combat zone, the occupiers  disable equipment in order to avoid being sent to war .

At the same time, as evidenced by the intercepted recordings of the conversations of the occupiers,  they pay bribes of 20 thousand dollars to escape from the war . This is how much documents about the “demobilization” of soldiers from the Russian army and their return home cost.



  1. Prigozhin is a nazi and Wagner; named after Hitler’s favourite composer, is his SS. Wagner scum are currently doing in Timbuktu what they would like to do in Ukraine; slaughter and savagery on an industrial scale. But of course when they encounter professional soldiers they get marmalised.
    Putler does love giving “bravery” awards to nazi subhumans doesn’t he?
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