Ukraine: Russia’s invasion is the start of the Third World War | Yuri Felshtinsky


  1. Putler’s restoration of empire plans include the reabsorption of Belarus, Moldova and Pribaltika. Ukraine; or what’s left of it, would not even be a colony.
    The Telegraph interviewer: “that was a terrifying interview.” He replied that he has a family and he hopes he is wrong, but fears he is right. He says that Nato should attack now; preemptively.

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  2. I doubt that this war will start WWIII. The cockroaches have very big mouths and suffer from severe delusions and depression, but even they know that there will be no winners if they should start such a holocaust.

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    • He believes that WW3 has already started because the occupation and obliteration of Ukraine was just phase one. Moldova and Pribaltika are next. He doesn’t mention Georgia or Poland, maybe they are phase three. According to this fellow, putler and his murder gang already concluded that Nato (and we know it’s run by putinoid scum) will not risk nuclear war for those small states.
      Accordingly, he believes that Nato should strike preemptively, ie now.
      Russia is never as weak or as strong as some people think, but it is a huge danger because we know that modern western forces would crush his orcs, leaving him with just one option…

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