Belarusian locomotives used for transporting provisions for the Russian army seized in Ukraine


The court seized three locomotives of the state-owned enterprise Belarusian Railway, which were transporting units and provisions for the Russian Armed Forces.

Source: press services of the Security Service of UkraineKyiv Prosecutor’s Office

The estimated value of the seized property is more than UAH 70 million (equiv. USD 2.4 million).

Quote from the Security Service of Ukraine: “Russia used the railway infrastructure of Belarus to prepare for a full-scale invasion in Ukraine. According to the investigation, the locomotives were used to transport personnel, weapons, military equipment and means of rear support for the invaders to the northern borders of our country.

Later, they took part in combat operations against the Ukrainian Defence Forces on the territory of Kyiv and Chernihiv oblasts. In the course of investigative and operational actions, the Security Service of Ukraine employees established the location of these locomotives on the territory of Kyiv Oblast and identified their use in crimes against Ukraine.”

The prosecutor’s office added that the Belarusian locomotives were handed over to the Agency for search and asset management.


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