What can the German COBRA radar do, which the Armed Forces will receive?

The COBRA counter-battery station, which will soon enter the Armed Forces , can locate and classify up to 40 batteries in two minutes at a distance of up to 100 kilometers.

This is reported by the publication of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “ArmiyaInform” .

The COBRA counter-battery radar station, which is in service with the Bundeswehr, is capable of determining the positions of enemy artillery, mortar batteries, and rocket launchers. In addition, this radar can calculate the points of impact of shells and missiles, which allows you to adjust the fire of your units, as well as warn them about the danger of fire damage.

The station includes: antenna system, signal processing processor, situation indicators and control bodies, navigation, communication, data processing and transmission equipment, power supply system.

This radar system is a planar rectangular semiconductor phased antenna consisting of 3000 low-power modules, each four of which are combined into an interchangeable unit. It provides an overview of the airspace by means of electronic scanning.

Adaptive systems for changing the carrier frequency and digital selection of moving targets are used to protect against interference. At the same time, the regulation of the level of “false” alarms and the formation of an “obstacle map” is ensured. Decreasing the levels of the side lobes of the antenna directional diagrams makes it much more difficult to detect the location of the COBRA radar.

Digital pulse compression, Doppler frequency filtering, monopulse error calculation, and far-Doppler interpolation are used to increase the range and accuracy of target coordinate determination during signal processing.

The station is powered by a built-in alternating current generator, and in case of its failure, a 350 W battery provides operation for further movement.

The design of the station allows for movement by any type of transport, including military transport aircraft of the type S-130 “Hercules” or S-160 “Transal”.



  1. All together, this is a very capable system. What the article didn’t mention, is that there are about 20,000 Gallium arsenide integrated circuits in each antenna. This enables the equipment to produce the locations of multiple enemy artillery at extremely long ranges, and the radar is able to cope with saturation type bombardments. This is just what is needed in face of such type of shelling that the Ukrainian forces are being subjected to.
    I’m sure that these units will also be a cause of headaches for the cockroach army.

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