We do not stop for a minute: Poroshenko announced that armored vehicles for the Armed Forces are already on the border with Ukraine and will soon arrive at the front

The Italian MLS SHIELD armored vehicles, which the Poroshenko Foundation is buying together with the volunteers of the Sprava Hromad NGO, are already near the Ukrainian border and will soon be at the front.

Petro Poroshenko reported this from Poland.

As you know, the fifth President announced this contract on July 4 at a plant in Italy. Negotiations on obtaining an export license lasted three months, the Poroshenko Foundation made an advance payment of UAH 50 million, and volunteers collected UAH 45 million on the platform of the NGO Sprava Hromad.

“The new Italian-made armored cars, which are made on a combat chassis, have enhanced armor protection. Provisions are made for the installation of weapons available to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The most important thing is that in an incredibly short period of time, we did everything to ensure that these armored vehicles were delivered to the Airborne Assault Troops Command, entered service and took a direct part in the counteroffensive,” Poroshenko explains.

“There’s a cool thermal imaging system, laser rangefinders, an automatic transmission, armored doors, air conditioning, and even USB sockets to work with communication systems. Everything in its best form. And everything is done for our soldiers, who today are eagerly waiting for our weapons,” Poroshenko shows the “stuffing” of the armored car.

“We created a large number of brigades. But it is ineffective when the brigade does not have wheels, armor and weapons. And each of us does what depends on us. Today we have to find ways to arm the army. Not only Marina and I, but also you. We did something that was unbelievable. We not only received a license – this armored vehicle is already on the border with Poland. We won’t say where, but in the near future it will cross the border of Ukraine,” said the fifth President.

“We don’t stop for a minute. There is not a penny of budget money here. And there is no PR here. Because we are turning to you so that we can collect money together – even those who cannot serve in the army, the elderly, Ukrainians who are abroad. It’s really cool when you have the opportunity to buy a kevlar helmet, buy a bulletproof vest. It’s ten times cooler when you have the opportunity to buy your own armored vehicle, a combat vehicle that will use your money to destroy the Rashists,” Poroshenko notes.

“I thank every Ukrainian who contributed to the fact that this armored vehicle arrived in Ukraine as soon as possible. And I want to thank every Ukrainian who in the future will also join in order to strengthen the combat capability of our army. I am sure that with our joint efforts we will stop the Rashists, this crazy enemy, and bring our victory closer,” adds Maryna Poroshenko.

“I thank the Ukrainian military because they defend Ukraine. I am proud that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were actually created, built according to NATO standards since the 14th year. I’m very proud of how we did it. But in order to be built according to NATO standards, they must also have NATO equipment,” explains the fifth President.

Poroshenko also thanked the Government of Italy and Prime Minister Mario Draghi: “He is a man of values, rejected political games, populism and made very important decisions – both regarding granting us the status of a candidate for the EU, and a very painful decision regarding providing us with weapons.”

In cooperation with the volunteers of the NGO “Sprava Gromad” and the NGO “Res_Publika. “Brothers in Arms” Foundation Poroshenko buys equipment for the Armed Forces, which is badly needed on the front lines – pickup trucks, trucks, military armored vehicles, UAVs. Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, more than half a billion hryvnias have been sent to Poroshenko to support the army.

The other day, 350 Autel drones, purchased jointly by volunteers and the Poroshenko Foundation for the Ukrainian army, were sent from Estonia to Ukraine. A consignment of Leyland DAF trucks has also been contracted in Great Britain, some of them are already on their way to Ukraine.



  1. WAAAAAY better than the crappy trucks the Germans sent. Glad the UAF is getting these MLS SHIELDs. Praise God for Estonia sending drones. Slava Ukraini!!!

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