“Putin’s oldest enemy” has advice for western leaders.


  1. We have been saying for years that you have to stand up to Putler, not appease the bastard. All his threats are empty, for example his threats about expanding NATO was just the opposite of what he demanded. The West sending weapons to Ukraine, is another example, but more needs to be done. Publicly telling the dwarf that if he doesn’t remove his trash from Ukraine, the West will do it for him.

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  2. As always, Mikhail Khodorkovsky (along with Kasparov) has very good advice on how to handle the evil little rat and his heinous gang in the Kremlin.
    However, it’s clear that Western politicians are by and large learn resistant. They’ve ignored the very bitter lessons of appeasement of another short, evil dictator, Adolf Hitler. They’ve also ignored the many crimes and evils committed by Vlad and his gang over the past 20 odd years! Most think they know everything better, while some are being paid by mafia land to work for them, and others have been compromised by the Kremlin (компромат). Thus, Khodorkovsky’s advice will ring hollow in most politicians’ near empty skulls.

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