Ukraine’s Armed Forces advancing confidently in Kherson direction

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing confidently in Kherson direction.

“Speaking about what is happening directly in Kherson direction, we are advancing there. Maybe we are not moving as fast as those who present positive news would like, but believe me, these steps are very confident. And that is why they are taken in silence and certain confidentiality – in order to gain a foothold in these territories and then announce our victories,” Natalia Humeniuk, head of the press center of the Operational Command “South”, said on the air of the Espreso TV channel, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

Among other things, she noted that the Ukrainian defenders came across an enemy armored vehicle on Friday while clearing the territory of Potiomkyne village, liberated by our military a couple of weeks ago.

Fortunately, the vehicle turned out to be in good condition and did not carry any danger, and it had already been transferred to the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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“But we understand that the enemies may leave more threatening ‘surprises’ in the territories they left. Like it was with Snake Island, which the Russians continue to attack with aircraft and try to find out what is actually happening there and bomb it from time to time though failing to hit the island,” Humeniuk informed.

As reported, earlier it was stated that the direction of Transnistria is tightly defended, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are concentrated in Mykolayiv–Kherson direction.


  1. Steady as she goes, all the way to Kherson.
    Ukraine armed forces are going about it the smart way. This preserves the valuable lives of its fighters.

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  2. Amen the sooner the better for the residents unable to get out. But I agree with Sir Onlyfacts that the UAF is fighting smart and preserving UAF and Ukrainian civilian’s lives with slow and steady approach.

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    • Agreed, I think communication with the poor locals and throughout the military will be very important too, especially the inner city fighting. Moskali are going to find out really soon what hell they’ve wrought upon themselves.

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