In Belgorod, the police disrupted first aid courses, mistaking volunteers for a “sectarian movement”

The Belgorod police suspended the first aid courses that local volunteers were going to conduct on July 16 and 17, the Lantern newspaper reports.

The policemen came to the premises where one three-hour lesson had passed and the next one was beginning, and demanded documents from the organizers stating that the courses had been coordinated with the authorities. Denis Puzakov, deputy head of the city department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, asked the volunteers why they were holding the event:

You wanted to enlighten the citizens of the Russian Federation, glorious residents of the city of Belgorod, how first medical aid is provided. Based on what? What prompted you to do this? This event is not approved… I have a message from the citizens of the Russian Federation, glorious residents of the city of Belgorod, thatthere is some kind of sectarian movement incomprehensible.

The police took the volunteers and visitors outside, where they took statements from them and collected their passport data. According to Lantern, during the search, the police found training equipment – bandages, dummies and bandages. The organizers do not know if they will be able to hold the courses on July 17 as planned.

Mikhail Zolotov, organizer of first aid courses, told reporters that the decision was made to hold the courses after Belgorod was hit by a rocket attack on July 3 . According to him, the volunteers notified the city administration and the regional ministry of youth policy that they would hold two-day classes. According to Zolotov, the ministry responded by offering to meet on July 18 and discuss further measures.

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