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July 15

Yesterday I got a call from an old acquaintance who migrated from Kyiv to Moscow 12 years ago to do business.

He used to be a supplier in one of my companies. Before the war, we would sometimes text each other, wish each other happy birthdays, and call each other once every two years.

Yesterday he called me to see how things were going.

I said, “Things are not good. There’s a war in the country. People are dying, the economy is collapsing. Three rockets landed in the center of Vinnytsia, killing over 20 people, dozens of wounded and missing civilians, and three young children were killed.”

He replies: “You are also shelling our Kherson. Civilians are dying there, too.”

I was shocked and reminded that Kherson is Ukraine.

Then he issued a fantastic narrative: “To stop the deaths of people in Ukraine, you just need to surrender.” At this point, I just hung up. I realized that we had nothing more to talk about in this life.

How could it be that a man who grew up in Ukraine, received a higher education, earned money, traveled around the world, has friends and relatives here, and still fell under the influence of propaganda from zombie TV.

Now he considers the Ukrainians to be his bitter enemies. Thinks that Kherson is “theirs”.

They hate us so much that they rejoice in the destruction of universities, hospitals, and schools, residential buildings and the deaths of peaceful Ukrainians, the murder of children. They justify these senseless crimes for themselves.

It feels as if the entire country has been turned off from critical thinking, common sense, and empathy. Without these qualities, humans are no different from animals. It’s horrifying to imagine that there are 140 million of them and they are our neighbors.

My main conclusion is this. Despite all the pain and rage, Ukrainians even now retain their humanity. Perhaps this is the greatest challenge of this terrible war.

I express my condolences to all the relatives and loved ones of the victims… This is a great tragedy for all of us.


  1. Comment from Mike Blake; “proud Ukrainian speaker and supporter of the Ukrainian cause” :

    “My experience with Russian culture is that there is a long tradition of embedded bigotry against Ukrainians. There are all kinds of jokes, tropes and stereotypes in Russian that cast Ukrainians as backwards hicks, barely even intelligent enough to have a language. I know because I’ve heard them. Unfortunately, I suspect your former friend’s views are common. Which is why there is broader support for this war among Russians than I think is widely understood and thus there is no “deal” to be had here. Either Russia wins or Ukraine wins and it’s that simple and that tragic.”

    Reply from Guido Bollen:

    “How could it be? The answer is simple: the Russians are subjected to subliminal messages (subliminal stimuli).
    It’s enough to get a complete nation to put their confidence in a madman.
    A second issue: I’m not in favour of an escalation of the war, and I’m not a military man, but it’s clear that unless Ukraine gets help to destroy the Russian missile launching installations outside Ukraine from where they are hit with Russian missiles, this war will continue and the human cost will become a lot higher. Politicians in the Western world need to face this reality.”

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  2. “How could it be that a man who grew up in Ukraine, received a higher education, earned money, traveled around the world, has friends and relatives here, and still fell under the influence of propaganda from zombie TV.”

    Decades of intensive propaganda, blatant lies, fake news, hysterical finger-pointing can switch off common sense in anybody … well, in dumbass ruskies, anyhow. All of this is incomprehensible for the normal, sane human being. They have only a few of those left over in that shithole.

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    • Commenter Bollen has a point: subliminal messaging works best when it taps into an existing desire. We know that Russians have this horrific, nazi-imperialist mindset in the first place. Subliminal messaging on their sewer TV will consolidate that. That is why putler controls up to 75% of the population. They are malignant in the first place; subliminal messaging consolidates.
      If they ever give up fascist imperialism, which seems very doubtful at this stage, it might take another century to wean them off it.
      In other words, once the Budapest signatories have come to the realisation that Russia will never stop murdering Ukrainians and accordingly taken all necessary action to ensure that putler is defeated, they can move on to the next phase, which is the fortification of Ukraine and the complete and permanent sequestration of Russia.
      All trade and travel between Russia, Europe and North America must be banned permanently.

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      • I’m afraid there is too much greed in the little black hearts of Western politicians to have them awaken to such realities, Scradge. At least, with (too) many of them, this is so. How else can you totally ignore the bitter lessons of appeasing an evil dictator, whose been committing crimes not only in his own shithole, but on Western turf? Just to name one aspect.

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