From FB page Pray For Ukraine

Jack Swindle

🇺🇦 Day 142 of the war in Ukraine!
Russia doesn’t change, they can’t change because that’s the character of evil. Today they tried to create fear and panic throughout Ukraine by unleashing and unprecedented missile attack on Mykolaiv. Yesterday in Vinnytsia Russia fired 5 rockets that hit a shopping mall and maternity hospital. Today Russia fired 31 missiles that destroyed apartment buildings, factories and 2 Universities. One University was special and unique. It was the only Engineering University that specialized in ship building. Russia wanted to make sure they completely destroyed this one. They dedicated 5 large missiles for this target alone. Russia is trying to eliminate Ukrainians not only now, but for generations to come. Taking out schools, Universities, hospitals, destroying farms, food and anything that will prevent Ukraine from existing. It time the rest of the civilized world wakes up and unites together to stop this infection. Bandages don’t work to cure cancer! Only surgery, and the complete removal of the tumor, will save and offer hope for life.

From the LinkedIn page of Nittish Dutta-Gupta:

Did NATO, UN or indeed the world leaders condemn this genocide happening every day in Ukraine and have any plan to stop this mass slaughter of innocent civilians.

Guess the leaders are all having ice cream in their air conditioned environment and happy to earn large salaries for their inabilities 😡😡😡😡

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