Could someone in the US please capture this hideous kremkrapper and put him in a secure unit for the duration? (And put Alex Jones, Tulsi Gabbard, the Pauls, Michael Savage and Tucker Carlson in there too please). Thank you.


  1. Yet another ex-US military who turns out to be a putlerite puff adder.
    We can name him as a Russian agent because he works for Sputnik, which makes him an agent by definition. So how come Fox are prepared to use such a person?
    We can guess the answer, since Fox is also the home of chief genocide lover and criminal sociopath Tucker Carlson.

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  2. I was wondering why so many gop reps and senators were parroting Kremlin vomit. Turns out the ones most prominently doing it have ruzzian ties.

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  3. True righteousness would be to take this sick-minded individual and every other pro-Kremlin shit nugget and send them to the country of their dreams – mafia land. I think the vast majority would forever be healed in their belief that this crime syndicate is anywhere near better than the US or the West in general.
    Having said that, we don’t care in the least bit what these idiots think.

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