Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered their greatest losses in May – Defence Minister

FRIDAY, 15 JULY 2022, 14:38

Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, says that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered their greatest losses in the conflict with the Russian invaders in May of this year, when up to 100 soldiers were dying every day.

Source: Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview with BBC Ukraine

Quote from Reznikov: “Our losses hit their peak in May. When Mykhailo Podoliak and the president spoke in June, they were the ones they had in mind.”

Details: According to Reznikov, during this period up to 100 soldiers were being killed and 300-400 wounded per day.

The Minister of Defence admitted that the occupiers had a significant advantage at that time, especially on the Donetsk front – the invaders were using up to a thousand artillery shells per hour. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not have that number of shells.

  • In mid-May, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that 50-100 Ukrainian soldiers [per day] may be dying in battles with the Russian invaders on the most difficult fronts in the East of Ukraine.
  • In early June, Mykhailo Podoliak, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, reported that the Ukrainian military was then losing 100-200 people every day.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders have lost 38,000 personnel since the beginning of the military aggression.


  1. April 18th was the start of mafia land’s Donbass offensive, with a differing methodology than in the first phase of the war. This forced Ukrainian armed forces to adapt to the new situation, which caused lots of casualties. In the meantime, the Ukrainian armed forces have modified their resistance in such a way to prevent such high losses, and, concurrently, to inflict maximum casualties upon the cockroach horde.

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    • Key problem as always, is the shortage of combat troops.
Putler is planning multiple attacks, which means the territorials will be relied on heavily, like in Kyiv.
Robin Horsfall yesterday:
      “Ukraine says it can produce a one million man army.
      To create a one million man army there is a requirement for a million uniforms, a million pairs of boot, a million beds, a million tons of food, a million weapons and a hundred million rounds of ammunition. Then the recruits have to be trained to become soldiers by ten thousand instructors and so it goes on.
      Ukraine has a million men but it doesn’t have a ‘million man army’. Ukraine has an army of about one hundred and fifty thousand trained men who are operating very well under great pressure. They are taking casualties that need to be replaced and reserves to give rest to troops returning from the front. Thousands of their troops are being trained to use advanced technology in the UK so they can return to the battle with renewed strength and abilities.
      Ukraine has halted the Russian advance with ferocious courage and materiel support from the west. That materiel support is limited because apart from the USA, European nations did not hold large emergency war stocks. In fact they had reduced their military capacity far enough for Russia to become emboldened.
      For Ukraine to maintain its current army will require all the logistical support that is available. To increase it, would mean to place manufacturing on a war footing. 100,000,000 rounds of rifle ammunition is not a lot in the big picture.
      Fortunately, Russia has similar problems and does not have as much external support. An army requires a lot more than men to claim the title ‘Army’.
      There is a lull at the moment while both sides recover and prepare for whatever comes next. We know Ukraine’s army is superior in morale. It is also becoming superior in artillery but the next phase will rely most heavily on logistics.”
      Slava Ukraine!
      Who Dares Shares.
      Robin Horsfall

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      • Yes, Mr. Horsfall is correct, as usual, and is saying what I’ve been saying. Ukraine has more volunteers than it can train or equip, at least for the time being. As with everything else, thus far, the Ukrainian general staff knows these facts more than enough, and is working on the problems with high priority. The Ukrainian military procurement office is also on the ball to get whatever equipment it can. These are efforts that are taking a backseat to the high-level type of hype that the major weapons deliveries are creating in the press. But, they are just as important.

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  2. I think UK has the right idea of not only training but giving all equipment the UAF needs: boots, uniforms, helmets, body armor, rifles, SAWs, heavy machine guns, and anything else I missed for MOS specific requirements. As well as a ton of ammo so they will be ready to deal destruction from the moment they return. Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦

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