The French company Matiere will hand over 36 prefabricated bridges to Ukraine

The French company Matiere will hand over 36 prefabricated bridges with a length of 23 to 46 meters to Ukraine for the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure.

Ukrainian diplomats reached an agreement with the French government and the MEDEF federation of French industrialists.

This was  announced by the  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, reports the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  Military .

“We encourage foreign companies to actively participate in the reconstruction of the Ukrainian infrastructure destroyed by Russia. The bridge structures of the French company Matiere will be able to quickly replace the destroyed Ukrainian bridges, and later replace them on a permanent basis,” he said.

He noted that on July 25, the company’s engineers will arrive in Ukraine and conduct an assessment mission with Ukravtodor engineers.

“The company is interested in cooperation with Ukrainian contractors and is potentially considering the possibility of deploying the production of these bridge crossings in Ukraine,” Kuleba emphasized.

He also noted that the Matiere company has many years of experience in the rapid deployment of bridge crossings for road and rail transport, especially in countries where war has destroyed infrastructure.

Matiere motor bridge Photo from the company’s website

The  company’s website  presents various types of bridges it manufactures. It is emphasized that the emphasis is on modular assembly, i.e. first the structure is completely manufactured, and then it is delivered to the site and installed.

UNIBRIDGE bridges can be used for industry, such as railway, road, or military.

Such bridges can be single-lane or two-lane. In addition, they are designed for a wide range of vehicles, including large ones.



  1. I don’t understand France. WTH is there to negotiate an agreement for freakin bridges. Get them over to Ukraine and Shut the f**k up!!!

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