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July 12

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss has nominated herself for the post of Prime Minister.

Cooler than Johnson. British Foreign Minister Liz Truss has nominated herself for the post of Prime Minister.

“Together we have tremendous power. Let’s use it to create a better, safer world and a stronger global economy.”British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will run for the position of leader of the Conservative Party and the prime minister of the country – geopolitics is back.
“I am nominating myself because I can be a leader, I can deliver results and make difficult decisions. I have a clear vision of where we need to go, as well as experience and determination to achieve this goal. I will run as a conservative and govern as a conservative. I will quickly and effectively begin my work as prime minister to ensure the defeat of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and keep the economy running,” Truss said.
The candidacy of Liz Truss, she may even turn out to be much more radical than Boris Johnson in those issues that relate to relations with Russia.
Unlike most Western leaders, Liz Truss has a systemic vision of the problem of the “Russian world” and how this problem should be solved.
” The war in Ukraine is our war. This is an all-out war, because the victory of Ukraine is a strategic imperative for all of us. If Putin succeeds, there will be untold suffering for the whole of Europe and dire consequences for the whole world. We will never feel safe again.”
“Let’s be honest, the architecture designed to guarantee peace and prosperity has failed in Ukraine. The post-World War II and Cold War economic and security structures have so far been deformed, allowing rather than deterring aggression.”
“The G20 cannot function as an effective economic body as long as Russia remains at the negotiating table”.
“The G7 must act like an economic NATO, collectively protecting our prosperity. If a partner’s economy is attacked by an aggressive regime, we must act to support it. One for all and all for one.”
In the face of growing aggression, we need to act, and we must act now. We must be more confident in ourselves. The aggressors are looking at what happened in Ukraine. We need to make sure they get the right message.


  1. I pray she is the next PM. Need someone with an “iron girdle” who takes no shit! She actually reminds me of Reagan. Good communicator with strong principals.

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    • Liz is the continuity Boris candidate. Except she will be tougher on putler.
      Her “people” could approach Penny’s “people” and do a deal : drop out, back Liz and block Rishi.
      That way Liz would be PM and Penny would be Home Sec, Foreign Sec or Chancellor. Ben Wallace would keep the defence brief or maybe Tom Tugendhat; another ex-military.
      After Vinnytsia, things simply cannot continue the same way.

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