From the LinkedIn page of Natalie Jaresko

July 15

There are no words.

This 4 year old little girl was murdered and her Mother critically injured today in the russian missile attack of the city of Vynnitsia — no military targets anywhere nearby.

UPD: I just learned her Mother, an advocate for children with special needs, has now died from her injuries.

Who murders innocent civilians, children, women, elderly day after day?

Terrorist states do.



  1. Beautiful woman and child and many other beautiful people; all murdered by nazi vermin.
    There are no people on earth that gloat at the murder of children. Except those in Russia.
    The putinazis must burn for this.

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  2. We Are Ukraine LinkedIn page reports the following:

    “Rescuers have completed cleaning the rubble of a high-rise building in Chasiv Yar that Russians hit with a rocket on July 9, 2022.

    The search operation at the site of the missile strike lasted five days, 48 people were found dead under the rubble, including one child. Rescuers managed to save nine people.”

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  3. And where are the fuckin idiots who claim that this is not a war worth fighting? You want to keep a sociopath in power for what? To keep killing innocent people. The people complaining about this war are as much scum as the fuckin Russians.

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