Chinese companies sell goods to Russia needed to continue war in Ukraine – WSJ

The rise in exports of microchips, aluminum oxide and other dual-use goods is undermining Western efforts to stop Russia’s military actions against Ukraine.

Deliveries of chips from China to Russia more than doubled / photo
Deliveries of chips from China to Russia more than doubled / photo

China has increased its exports to Russia of microchips and other electronic components and raw materials that also have military applications following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This hinders the efforts of the United States and Western allies to isolate the economy of the aggressor country and weaken its army, writes The Wall Street Journal .

Chip shipments from China to Russia more than doubled to about $50 million in the first five months of 2022, compared to the same period a year earlier, according to Chinese customs data. Exports of other components, such as printed circuit boards, rose in double-digit percentages. Exports of alumina, which is used to make aluminum metal, an important material for weapons and aerospace, were 400 times higher than last year.

It is noted that many Chinese sellers of equipment continue to do business with Russia, despite US control.

Sino-Russian trade in chips and other components with potential military applications ranges from small private companies to sprawling state-owned enterprises. Due to incomplete data and complex networks of subsidiaries and intermediaries, it is difficult to track all activities, the WSJ notes.

Chinese officials have said the country does not sell weapons to Russia. And overall exports from China to Russia have fallen substantially this year as many Chinese companies don’t want to have problems with the US.

In general, the WSJ writes, Beijing’s support is critical for Moscow. Oil and gas revenues make up a significant share of the Russian economy. As European countries seek to reduce their purchases of Russian energy resources, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the importance of selling much more energy to China and other Asian countries in the future.

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  1. If the Chinese communists are selling microchips to Nazi Russia then the Chinese communists are killing Ukrainians. Full stop. There needs to be some serious sanctions on Chinese goods and tech imports. And if corrupt Joe blocks it then his party will get wiped out in November.

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  2. Clearly, the Chicoms have been undermining sanctions from the get go. Buying mafia oil was bad enough, but this makes matters worse.
    I’ve been advocating for a long time now to get out of bat virus land ASAP. On the long run, it’s no good to continue giving them our business and above all, our technology. They will use their economic power one day to harm us. You, as individuals, can be at the forefront of this effort. Don’t buy anything made in China. It’s not easy, I know. But, a beginning must be made, and every bit helps.
    We must wean ourselves off this growing monster!

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