The unique submarine of the Russian Federation, after a long modernization, went to sea, and then again stood up for repairs

The Russian diesel-electric submarine B-871 “Alrosa” of project 877V “Halibut”, which left Sevastopol on a test trip in mid-May, soon returned and again stood up for repairs.

Shortly before this, the occupiers announced that the boat had completed an eight-year modernization at the 13th shipyard and returned to the flotilla of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

According to Dumskaya, the boat spent only two days at sea, and its imminent return to Sevastopol and mooring at the repair berths of the shipbuilding enterprise speaks of serious technical problems.

Interestingly, after almost two months after returning from testing, Alrosa is still being repaired.

B-871 is the only submarine of this project (877V) equipped with a water jet instead of a traditional propeller. Introduced into the Black Sea Fleet at the end of December 1990, however, most of the time, for technical reasons, she stood at the pier.

From 2009 to 2013, the boat finally completed deep-sea tests, participated in international exercises in the Mediterranean, made a passage around Europe to Kronstadt for scheduled repairs and returned back to Sevastopol. All these years, the submarine was the only underwater unit of the Black Sea Fleet.

From 2014 to May 2022, Alrosa was undergoing modernization to install equipment for launching Caliber-PL sea-launched cruise missiles. Probably, work on the accelerated commissioning of the boat with “calibers” was carried out after the closure of the Black Sea straits by the Turkish authorities, which is why two submarines of the Russian Federation of Project 636 (“Varshavyanka”) remained in the Mediterranean Sea.

Apparently, the test output of Alrosa did not bring the desired results. The unique jet propulsion failed to show its effectiveness, so the boat was returned to the pier for revision.


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  1. Even their submarines are Potemkin Villages.

    “Shortly before this, the occupiers announced that the boat had completed an eight-year modernization”

    The boat was obsolete before the extremely long “modernization” work.

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